To the begining
Why is Free TON cool?

The fact is that we all got a technology in which a group of investors invested $1.7 billion. Only a project that has a great potential can raise this type of financing from investors. We also got a bonus in a form of a close-knit team of highly skilled developers. However, in my opinion the project public relations (PR) activities and efforts are not sufficient. Currently, Free TON project has an active forum, multi-level project management framework, various contests and tasks through completion of which participants can earn rewards in the form of TON crystals. However, the Free TON project is a long way from its completion, and not all technical capabilities and elements are yet implemented. In fact, the Free TON project is still in the launch stage, and the project’s crypto wallet and blockchain browser - TON Surf was just added to AppStore and GooglePlay. I won't go into the technical details, because they are of little interest to anyone but technical experts.